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Over 25,000 IDPs in Bentiu receive food

By Wek Atak Kacjang

At least 25,000 people living in rebel controlled areas of Ganyel in Panyijier County of former Unity State have received food items.

On Tuesday the food items were delivered by World Food Program (WFP) through its United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS).

Acting WFP Country Director Simon Cammelbeeck said the journey to Ganyel was productive as they witnessed food distribution and airdrop distributions.

Cammelbeeck added that it is very important to change the mode of delivery because airdropping food is expensive.

He said delivery of food on river and road transport gives local business people opportunity to generate income.

American Ambassador to South Sudan, Thomas Hushek said the food distribution will give hope to children for a better life in future.

“I hope we don’t lose the young generation growing up,” said Amb Hushek.

He said from the responses of people at both government and opposition controlled areas, there is need for peace.

“What I have seen from both government side and SPLA-IO side is all citizens who welcomed me want peace in their country,” he added.

He said for donors, they wanted the fighting to stop because the donors would use money for development.

Panyijier County Commissioner, Yohanne Gujiek said there were a lot of challenges facing communities in Ganyiel.

He said food shortage, lack of transport facilities, and lack of health services were hard to meet for the communities.

“We community of this area see WFP like a mother because through the crises for the last six years, there is no food we produced for our self but we just rely on food given to us by World Food Program because there is no one helping a part from WFP,” Gujiek said.

However, he said the 400 kilogram food they receive is not enough for the three months.

Gujiek said due to lack of health services, 26 children died of malaria in the county last month.

“We don’t have school and hospital. Last month our health facilities were closed due to funding yet the number of people have increased since some returned from the IDP camp,” he added.

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