Over 2000 trucks stranded at Nimule border

By Elia Joseph Loful       

The South Sudan National Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture said over two thousand trucks are stranded at Nimule Elegu, Uganda border with South Sudan following the tragic Juba-Nimule road attack last week on Wednesday in which five people were killed.

Earlier last week, the Central Equatorial State authorities reported that 10 people were killed along Juba-Yei road.

Speaking to reporters in a press conference yesterday, the Deputy Chairperson of South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Salwa Bakony Monytuel said they were saddened by the incident that led to the loss of lives of the drivers along the main highways in the country.

“We are deeply dismayed, saddened and shocked with the killing of Kenyan and Ugandan traders by armed men along Nimule-Juba and Juba-Yei roads,” Ms. Bakony said.

According to the Deputy Chairperson, the Chamber condemned the act and called on the government to investigate the matter.

“The Chamber of Commerce is hereby condemning in the strongest terms possible the killing which targeted the innocent foreign traders and therefore call on the Transitional Government of South Sudan to immediately act to apprehend the culprits,” she said.

“On behalf of the business community, we convey our heartfelt condolences to the families of the Ugandan and Kenyan nationals who lost their lives and properties in the recent separate attacks in South Sudan roads,”she added.

She said the Institution will work with the government to ensure that such incidents committed by armed criminals along the major highways are addressed to ensure safe movement of traders and their goods across the country.

Ms. Bakony stated in her statement that they were also striving to find lasting solutions to the problem while urging the East Africa Community to allow the flow of goods and services to the country as security operators are working to contain the situation to ensure drivers, passengers and properties are protected.

The Chamber said if no step is taken to resolve the issue, the standoff by the drivers would lead to shortage of goods and hike in the prices of the commodities.

“We are urging our government to urgently intervene to address the insecurity along the major roads in the country. We would like also to inform all the traders to come back to the country because the security situation has been settled,” the official said.

Last week, the Kenyan and Ugandan transporters suspended coming to South Sudan and urged their clients to pick their goods at Elegu entry route, due to road attacks which occurred both along Juba-Nimule and Juba-Yei roads.

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