Over 20 youth attend training on Trauma awareness


Participants pose for a group photo at the University of Juba

By Moses Gum Degur

Over twenty youth are undergoing training on how they can control their emotional feelings during adolescence period.

AECOM International Development Organization with support from Viable Support to Transition and Stability’s (VITAS) USAID funded project organized a five-day session for Active Youth for Culture and Sports Promotion on trauma awareness.

The training under the theme “Path to healing and reconciliation” is being held at Juba University Custom Campus.

Addressing the participants, AECOM International Master Trainer, Peter Lasu explained that the training was important to equip youth with knowledge on how they could control their emotional feelings during times of distress in adolescence period.

He said conducting trauma awareness training would help youth build their emotional resilience across the country.

“This training is very important in such a way that young people will be able to control their bad feelings. It gives practical skills on how to deal with stressful conditions as well as relieving oneself from deep thinking,” Lasu said.

Lasu further said the session will also give room for most youth to break the cycle of violence in conflict related situations.

He said since many youth experienced violence for more decades, it was the right time to offer youth trainings on trauma to enable them solve problems in their respective communities in the country.

Mr. Lasu stressed the need for all to learn solving conflict in times of sorrow as the only way of healing the wounds of traumatized people.

The Executive Director Active Youth for Culture and Sports Promotion Garang Athian Deng said having young people trained on trauma would help pave a way for non-violence.

He said many youth are usually involved in problems because they were misled by others to commit crimes.

“I am very happy for the training. This is because most of our youth once traumatized resort to violence as a means of solving problem. But now due to this training they are able to control their emotional feelings,” he said.

He also said most young people know the link between the unhealed trauma and the cycles of violence, emotional first aid, and body and mind tools.

Garang appreciated AECOM International for the “Morning Star” initiative for having come up with such important initiatives for youth.

H called on all youth to control their emotions at times of distress and work hard to help heal others.

Trauma is a deeply disturbing situation where one feels lonely.


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