Over 20 suspects arrested in Palorinya conflict

By Gaaniko Samson

Authorities in Arua District said they have arrested 26 suspects in connection with inter-communal fighting among refugees in Palorinya last week.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on Tuesday, Angucia Josephine, the police spokesperson of West Nile region confirmed the arrest and said the authorities have agreed to prevent any reoccurrence of conflict in future.

She said three men were killed in the inter-communal fight among the refugees.

Angucia said the conflict started on 14th of July in Palorinya refugee settlement camp –Zone II in Kaali Village of Obongi district.

She said according to eyewitnesses, the fighting was caused by the stolen maize from the garden.

“He was arrested and taken to his family members for punishment of which they agreed to harmonize the matter amicably. The following day the suspect who stole the maize claimed that his phone had also been grabbed from him during his arrest,” she explained.

“This claim angered the owner of the garden and picked a stick and beat the suspect. The suspect’s community responded with violence by burning down houses of the other community,” Angucia stated.

“This blew up into a serious fighting between the two South Sudanese communities,” she said.

The police spokesperson added that the district police commander of Obongi with a force from Morobi Police station managed to calm down the situation.

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