Over 1OO wounded heroes awarded medals

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Over 116 wounded heroes received ribbons and medals in recognition of their sacrifices in the long liberation struggle.

Speaking during the event, Minister of Defense and Veteran’s Affairs, Gen. Kuol Manyang Juuk thanked the wounded heroes for their achievements and sacrifices for the country.

“We have been involved in all the struggles from generation to generation for 48 years,” Manyang said.

Before South Sudan gained independence, it struggled through bloody civil wars with the Khartoum government, first through the Anya-nya, then the SPLA movemens.

The Defense Minister urged the medalists not to throw them away, for they represent their countless struggles for the country.

“Don’t sell them away to others because this is for your future. You wear them on Independence or Martyrs Day,” Manyang said.

Colonel Philip Jok, a representative of the Wounded Heroes, said they played a great role during the SPLA wars.

He acknowledged the recognition by the government for their sacrifices during the liberation struggle that led to the independence in 2011.

Aloiso Emor Ojetuk, the Undersecretary of Ministry of Veteran’s Affair said the wounded heroes were proud of their deeds.

“If these people were not brave, they would not lose their limps, their legs and they would not be wounded,” he said.

“What is given to you is symbol of recognition that most of us including me who has been awarded has done, to you those who received, first thing you must know is the importance of this medal because they are not for price, it is a symbol of recognition to you for your sacrifices,” he told the medalists.

This is the second award to recognize the works of former soldiers who fought the wars since the times of Anya-nya one.

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