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Over 16,000 farmers gets seeds and farm tools from DMI

By Kidega Livingstone                              

More than 16,000 farmers in the eleven counties of defunct Jubek state received seeds and farm tools from Daughters of Mary Immaculate (DMI)

The farmers in the area of Gondokoro Lokiliri Luri Lobonok Mangalla Liriya and Juba were targeted to fight against hunger with support from Food and Agriculture of United Nation under food security program introduced by Daughters of Mary Immaculate.

Among the seeds and farm tools distributed include Maize simsim tomatoes  cowpeas  groundnut  and many other.

The Country Coordinator for Daughters of Mary Immaculate, Jenny Maila said that they are targeting those having land especially mothers who are being affected directly by hunger.

“We are approaching area chiefs for those mothers without land so that they can be able to cultivate .We have nearly reached six thousand farmers in different locations in the area of our operation,”Maila told Juba Monitor in an interview on Tuesday.

“We are motivating the farmers because we heard that there is going to hunger .We are asking the farmers to work hard so that they can have food on their table .We also teaching the farmers to eats three times a day in order to healthy,” she added.

Famers welcomed the initiative provided by the organization  and they have said it has changed the live of farmers in  food production. “Seeds should be distributed in time and to every farmers because last year the same program has help us and we were able to harvest our groundnut that actually changed our live,”said  Sesline Dudu of Jeremadi village in Luri County.

Lily Santino  farmer in  Liria  said that  the seeds she got  and  the skills would help her to  improve on agriculture  so that she can get good harvest next year .

“We used to get poor harvest because of lack of seeds and skills .Now we have full knowledge on how to managed our crop and we hope that by next year we will be able get something reasonable from what we are going to plant,”said Lily.

Daughters of Mary Immaculate (DMI) is Faith Based Organization  working under the diocese of Juba .it has also women program  by providing skills  on catering as well as giving them adult education.

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