Over 150,000 IDPs in dire need of assistance in Kajo-Keji

There are more than 150,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who are in need of food assistance in Kajo-Keji county of Yei River state, Peter Butili Farajallah, the Chairman of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission of Yei River state has said.
Farajallah said people are stranded and suffering in three IDP camps in Liwolo County, without food and clean water.
“We confirmed that there are more than one hundred and fifty thousand people displaced from Kajo-Keji town and are taking shelter in the three highly populated camps of Liwolo and Bamure – an area close to the border with Uganda,” Farajallah told Juba Monitor yesterday in a phone interview.
He said the IDPs need immediate food aid response because Kajo-Keji is cut off due to road inaccessibility in and around Yei River state.
“Our people are really suffering in the bush. They want food, water and tools to cultivate since it is a rainy season. Kajo-Keji is experiencing a humanitarian catastrophe. Therefore we as the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission at the state level, we are appealing to the humanitarian agencies to rescue the people,” he said.
He said the people of Kajo-Keji can cultivate for themselves if they are provided with tools and seeds.
Farajallah suggested that the humanitarian aid should be airdropped to the IDPs since it is difficult to reach the county by land.
Stephen Ladu Onesimo, the Information Minister for Yei River state said last week that the government of Yei River state had alerted the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disasters Management (MHADM), World Food Programme (WFP) and other organizations about the situation but since then there has been no positive response.
He said insecurity has worsened the humanitarian conditions in Kajo-Keji and urged WFP to seriously look into the humanitarian needs of the people of Yei River state.
Augustino Kiri Gwolo, the Deputy Governor of Yei River state had earlier on cited humanitarian needs being a catastrophic problem facing the people of Yei River state.
Gwolo said the whole population of Kajo-Keji, Morobo and Lainya counties are in the bushes living on wild fruits and roots.
“We can’t get food from outside since Kaya and Congo roads still remains closed, and because people didn’t cultivate in the second season last year, the few crops cultivated last year either got rotten in the gardens or got consumed by wild fire, therefore, leaving Yei in a dire humanitarian condition,” Kiri stressed.
Efforts to get comments from the ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management proved futile.

By: David Mono Danga

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