Over 150 women trained on entrepreneurship skills

By Kitab A Unango

At least 150 women in Jopa residential area, Juba suburb have undergone small scale business skills trainings to sustain their families.

The women, mostly widows whose husbands died during the course of the civil war, were given one week training by Agency for Accelerated Rural Development (AFARD) last week in Jopa.

Speaking during the closing day of the training on Friday last week, the Chairperson of Jopa Women Empowerment Group, Penina Wisley commended AFARD’s initiatives to build their capacity enabling them to sustain themselves.

“We are very happy today (Friday) because we have known how to make liquid shop and hand bags using beads. The liquid shop which they used to bring from very far distances can now be found here in Jopa,” Penina said.

Jopa women empowerment group is a locally established association that brings women together to discuss and find solutions to issues affecting them in Jopa residential area in Juba.

Penina said women in the  area have been faced by many challenges including lack of health center to provide antenatal services for pregnant women and lack of schools as well as  clean drinking water.

“We are far from the main road and when a woman is in labor it is very difficult for her to deliver because there is no health care unit nearby. Not only that there is no clean drinking water, we drink water direct from Kapuri stream which is risky and dangerous and there is no school for children,” she said.

Penina appealed to other aid organisations to give them midwifery skills so that they can help pregnant women who will not be able to access the hospital due to the far distance from the main road.

Onek Jackson, AFARD Project Coordinator called on other organisations to provide services to Jopa women saying their condition was horrible with no clean drinking water, health center and schools.

“The situation is really bad, there is no even a single borehole nearby. Our capacity is not enough. We really appeal to other humanitarian organisations to access the situation and provide some of these basic needs to people of Jopa especially to support women,” Onek appealed.

Jopa Chief, Samson Kaya commended AFARD for building the capacities of Jopa women saying lack of demarcation prevented development to reach the area.


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