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Over 150 MTN antennas off-air, official

The Chief Executive Officer of MTN- a mobile telecommunication company said they have not been able to maintain some of their antennas due to insecurity in the affected states.

“We do have parts of our networks that have been down since July because we have not been able to go there to do some maintenance work on them,” said Philip Basiimire, MTN Chief Excutive Officer.

“We have about 190 antennas which are operational and closed to 200 antennas are off air,” he added.

Basiimire made the remarks last week during the launch of the 21 days of Yello’ Care

He said the off air antennas did not go off once saying the network just went off gradually as they were not able to reach due to the continued volatile situation in the areas.

He said the economic crisis has worsen the situation making it very the company to continue to operate in a difficult situation.

“It is still a very difficult business environment to operate in and to make matters worse one is unable to maximize his or her food potentials due to the ongoing conflict,” he said.

“So our business operations are contained; we are just doing what we can under this current circumstance,” Basiimire added.

He said they still believe that they have the potential to do more if the country is peaceful and if all areas are accessible.

When conflict erupted in Juba on July 2016 last year many foreign companies suffered doing business as the conflict spread to the different parts of the country.

Basimiire said as a very resilient company, MTN is committed to staying in the country. “We believe the story of South Sudan will change. Time will come when the country will get better”.

“No situation is permanent; the situation of today may not be the situation with that of tomorrow,” he said.

Basiimire added that almost all the coverage in the former Western Equatoria, Eastern Equatoria, Warrap and Awiel are completely broken down except in some few towns with those areas.

“Our main focus now, is to maintain what is available and make sure that it continues to operate despite the lack of capital to invest in the country currently,” Basiimire said.

By Morris Dogga

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