Over 15 foreigners illegally detained

By Yiep Joseph

Over 15 foreigners were arrested from Juba Nabari residential area and illegally detained by authorities alleged to be immigration officials over the issue of Visa fees on Monday evening.

The aliens were charged and told to pay 8,000 SSP each before being released. Those who paid the amount were released immediately.

However, by yesterday morning, nine people who failed to pay the charged fees were transferred to one of the storages building in Juba town.

On contacting the Immigration office, James Mapuor the Director of Information of Immigration Department revealed that the department was in search and investigating the incident and those behind the illegal arrests.

“We are investigating the incident, I will find out where the people arrested are and who arrested them” Mapour said.

 Juba Monitor team traced the storage building where the aliens were being detained and one of them who had sneaked out a telephone number confirmed that they were being detained in the third floor in one of the building in the middle of the business centers in Juba town and revealed that the officials allegedly from immigration just arrested them and demanded for visas and those without were ordered to pay 8,000 SSP.

“Those migration people came in uniform and arrested me yesterday in my salon in Juba Nabari, they told me that they need documents from me” one of the victims narrated.

“As per now lam in a certain tall building in Juba town but yesterday I slept in Juba police” the victim added.

“They arrested us many and they charged each of us differently and now they need me to pay 8000 SSP for them to release me from this place” the victim revealed.

The victim called on both government of South Sudan and Uganda to help sort out the issue.

“I need our government to really help us because we are really suffering, we thought that this issue of visa fees is gone between East African Countries” the victim expressed.

Earlier in a related story by Juba monitor early this month, over 25 Ugandans nationals were arrested over visa in Gumbo however, the immigration police did not confirm or denied the arrest.

On the 4th of this October, it was reported that South Sudan had waived off visa fees for Ugandans not so far from the month visa fee was waived off for Kenya in a response to both countries waiving off visa for people with valid passport.

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