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Over 14,000 pupils start final examinations

By Opio Jackson

A total of 14,484 pupils in four states of South Sudan are sitting for their primary leaving examinations. Jubekeducation ministry in collaboration with Yei River, Terekeka and Boma states organized the examinations.

Speaking yesterdayat Malakia primary school, Prof WaniSuleJubek, state minister of education said pupils inrefugeesettlements in Uganda are also taking the same examinations.

“We have 9739 pupils in Jubek state, 2748 in Yei state, 314 in Terekeka state, 83in Bomaand 1,600 in Uganda who are sitting for their primary eight final examinations,” Sule said.

Hesaid UNICEF facilitatestransportation of the examinations for thepupilsin Uganda.

The minister added that there is an increase in the number of girls sitting for primary eight examinations compared to the previous years.

The rise is due to the cash transfers for girls in schools [GESS programme], he said.

“I believe this has made the girls to be maintained in the school which is a very big success the programme is really supporting girls’ education,” Sulesaid.

“I would like also to advise the parents and caretakers to create good learning environment for their children despite of numerous problems that the county is going through.”

He called on all residents around schools to always respect school property saying during those days the parents were not educated but still they could respect any school properties unlike today where people can robe schools.

The mayor of Juba CityCouncil Stephen WaniMichael commended the pupils for persevering throughout many difficulties.

“I am happy that you have decided to remain in the country and to study.This is the proudness of the nation we want because you are the hope of this country,” said Wani.

He called patience from the pupils saying the situation in the country is “terrible” but“things will never remainsame.”

Waniadvised the pupils not to panic once they got intothe examination rooms.

“Don’t panic! It is only the words that are used to confuse your mind but if you give yourself time you will later discover that there is not any difficult question,” the mayor told the pupils at parade.

“If you get a simple question don’t rush to answer it because too much excitement [is] always bad.”



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