Over 140 SPLA-IO forces dispatched for training in Tombura

By: Martha David

At least 141 SPLA-IO forces in Tombura state have been dispatched for training center Tuesday in Tombura State.

The forces were assembled in Namutina and Zomoi where they started dispatching for the training center in Maridi.

Addressing the forces, the Acting Governor of Tombura State Mathew Mabenge encouraged the forces to go for training and to be matured enough not to come back and cause trouble to the citizens.

“I am urging you to take the training seriously in order to come back as one army that will protect the civilians and the territorial integrity of the Republic of South Sudan,” Mabenge said.

He added that the forces were now peace partners not to be called rebels.

Meanwhile the minister of information Anikumba Mathew said it was the last batch to go for training in Maridi that shows the stabilization of the security situation in the state.

He stated that any criminal activities allegedly pointed to the SPLA-IO were not expected since all the youth were for training.

“All youth who have been in the bush have been taken for training, we don’t expect any other criminal activity again emerging,” he added.

He added that the government will continue to embrace the peace.

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