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Over 1300 trained per year in health sector

By Rose Keji Benjamin

At least over one thousand three hundred health personnel are trained each year in different categories of health, the National Minister of Health Dr. Riak Gai Kok said.

He made these remarks during the expansion and Modernisation of Juba Teaching Hospital on Saturday.

Dr. Kok said when Sudan was one; the health system was poor with few medical personnel available.

He added that there is need to safeguard the training of staff and have trained over 230 medical personnel in 2009 and now they have over 1300 personnel who are trained per year in different categories of health sector.

The independence of South Sudan has brought change to the Juba Teaching Hospital and the rest of the states that inherited a fragile health sector, he said.

“The people of south Sudan have a role to play. Juba Teaching Hospital is the only hospital that saves the lives of citizens,” he said.

“We cannot keep on losing lives because there is no blood. We at the ministry will play our role to ensure the health issues in the country are solved,” he said.

The Minister said they have competence and qualified Human resource that can do their duty health sector.

“We are going to work closely with the World Health Organization to develop the heath sector in South Sudan,” he disclosed.

Dr. Kok further said patients dying due to lack of health personnel will be a thing of the past.


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