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Over 1200 weapons apprehended during disarmament operation

Arms collected from civilians (file photo)

By Jale Richard

More than 1200 different weapons and assorted equipments have been apprehended in the recent ‘operation-secure Juba’conducted by the combined forces, SPLA acting spokesperson said on Thursday.

‘Operation-secure Juba’ was carried out by joint organised forces that divided Juba in to five security sectors under the command of various armed forces that secured security during the festive season, Domic said.

He revealed that  after screening the weapons, only 400 have been confirmed to be illegally carried by civilians while the other over 800 belong to various organized forces. “Others were licensed to some high status citizens like members of parliaments, business persons and retired senior officers and politicians,” Domicsaid.

Domic said under the operation, car theft network has been broken by intercepting a group of criminals composed of nine people during the screening of car registration.

Twenty people with forged identity cards of organized forces have also been arrested. 16 different types of cars which were either stolen or not registered have been apprehended so far awaiting the process of tracing the identification of their rightful owners.

Domic said all the registered and authorized weapons that have been returned to their rightful owners have been registered for security reasons so that when something happens, they can be traced.

He revealed that similar operations are taking place in all the states but with minimum efforts. “Emphasis has been focused on Juba as the capital city that has experienced many security incidences during big celebrations.”

The acting army spokesman said during the operation, they faced a challenge from criminals group including a policeman, a soldier and a civilian armed with AKM who attempted to snatch a gun from a soldier on duty. As a result, the three criminals were shot dead by the soldier in self defence.

He said the captured weapons have been stored in an armoury that will be well protected by the national security to prevent arms being smuggled back to the hands of unauthorized people illegally.





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