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Over 12, 000 IDPs in Tambura need humanitarian assistance

(File photo)  IDPs prepare food at a temporary camp near Juba International Airport in January 7th 2017 (photo credit;

By Kitab A Unango

The Deputy Governor of Tombura State has called on the humanitarian organizations operating in the country to support Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) at Mabiya camp.

Deputy Governor James Adu Votoki said over 12, 000 IDPs, mainly elderly women and children, were starving due to lack of food.

“We have 12,888 IDPs currently with us here at Mabiya IDPs camp. These people have nothing to eat and they are really suffering. So I am calling on the relief agencies both national and international to provide assistance to them,” Adu said.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone from the state capital, Tombura on Sunday Adu pointed out that some of IDPs have resorted to fetching wild herbs for food adding act endangers their lives.

“These are now surviving on wild fruits. They go to the bush to collect those wild fruits which is dangerous because anything can happen to them,” Adu stressed.

Adu also said the situation of IDPs has worsened due to the current economic crisis.

“The economic crisis has also contributed to the suffering of the IDPs. Prices of basic commodities in the market are very high. They have no money to buy the scarce food commodities available on the market not only IDPs but the entire citizens of Tombura are also suffering due to skyrocketing prices of basic commodities,” he added.

He said the IDPs would like to go back to Nagero County but they could not due to presence of unexploded ordinances.

“Many of them want to go back to their places because peace has come but they fear other bombs which did not explode during confrontation between the government forces and armed opposition. So these things need to be cleared first to make the place safe for them to return home,” he added.

In May this year, Negero County was attached by armed opposition forcing the entire population of the county to flee to the state capital, Tombura where they are camped in Mabiya.






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