Over 108 illegal firearms handed to police

By Mabor Riak Magok

Police authorities in Lakes State said civilians have handed over 108 illegal firearms in Eastern Bahr El Naam, Rumbek East County, as disarmament exercise launched in the state on Monday.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Deputy Commissioner of police in Rumbek brigadier General, Makur Dak said more illegal firearms in the hands of Gelwong youth are yet to be collected as the exercise continues.

“Since yesterday afternoon, we have received 108 illegal firearms from the hands of civilians while more firearms are still coming. The process is very peaceful and voluntary. You can see each armed Youth carrying his guns and hand it over to us voluntarily and peacefully,” said Gen. Makur Dak.

He said the process of Voluntary and peaceful disarmament exercises in Lakes State was open.

“No extension of date-line for disarmament for civilians to hand over guns.

The date-line of peaceful and voluntary disarmament in Lakes State is open.

There is no specific date-line fixed to end voluntary and peaceful disarmament exercise. It just an open program,” said Gen. Makur Dak

Rumbek East County was waiting to receive more illegal firearms from the rest of payam of Paloc, and Amongpiny.

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