Over 10,000 streets children in Juba to be settled

By Kidega Livingstone

Faith-based Organizations spearheaded by Bureau of Religious Affairs in the Office of the President said they were planning to settle over 10,000 children in the streets of Juba.   

The Director for the Bureau of Religious Affairs in the Office of the President, Moses Telar Cindut said the number of the children in the streets is increasing adding that it needs a children’s home for their settlement where they could be able to go to school and churches in order to have hope of lives.

“We are going to make them a home because there are those who are interested in going to school and there those who are interested to join the churches .The number is increasing daily,” he said. 

“Last year it was three hundred but now it is ten thousand. We want to prevent the number from increasing because we want to make it as a comprehensive work. All the agencies should be invited to evaluate on how we can settle them,” Telar added.

He emphasized that the Bureau decided to work closely with other faith-based organizations supporting children to work on settlement project that would begin this year.

“Now the office of bureau has decided to call them. We want to make sure that they can be settled. We are going to start with the programs of settlement,” he said.

Deputy Director for Partnership, Ministry and Coordination at Chaplain, Lt. Col. Rev. Michael Deng De Monychol Achuil said that Chaplain was in solidarity with children as one of the organizations in uniform because these children are going to be leaders of tomorrow.

“Some of them can join the military. We really have heart with them as Chaplain. We have charity unit that will look after children on the streets and widows,” said Deng.

“Chaplain is with every child who has been affected by the conflict in this country. We have the unit within that will make sure that this children understand the importance of living. As peace comes we want to make sure that every child in the street is supported to go back to school,” he added.

 He said that Chaplain has a task to make sure that these children are looked after and catered for.

The Country Director for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) Bastiaan De Waal said that they are in process to make small contributions for the settlement of the children in Juba.

“We want to make our small contributions to support children on the streets in Juba. I stay in Juba for eight years and I have seen the number of street children is growing that’s why we are donating the supporting project,” said Waal.

He said they want to create awareness to people to know that these children in the streets need to be supported.

“We want to give them medical treatment.  We are setting up the system that are regular for the medication. We also want to take them to churches for the faith-based organizations because we as Christians we want to give hope to fight for the future,” Waal added.

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