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Over 100 students graduate in tailoring and fashion design

By Jacob Bol Mayar

Christian Vocational Boarding School in Bor has graduated at least 111students in various courses on tailoring and fashion design in Jonglei State.

Jacob Agany Alier Maketh, the Principal of Jonglei Christian Vocational Boarding School said that the 13thbatchhave about 100 students, some of them were from various department such as Information and Communication Technology (ICT), tailoring and fashions design, electrical installation and agriculture, and Bible studies as obligation to all the Students at the School.

“Vocational are 90% free. That the only charges course sharing fee so that courses should not be 100% free, but students are required to pay 20,000 SSP as the Course sharing fee. School will resume the next phase of 2022 and students of next year had been processed already,”

 He added that there were most vulnerable students who could not afford to pay 20,000 SSP who were supported by some Organizations like ZOA and Care International and after graduation, those Organizations helped the students they hadsponsored with started up tools like Sewing Machine and testing tube for the electrical.

“I urge the parents to support and develop the people that had been graduated from the school and build trust on them because they are well trained,”

At the same time, Yar Kuol, one of the graduands applauded the management of the school for sharping them to be better people in future.

“With the knowledge I have acquired in IT, I would create awareness because we know media is the source of creating awareness” Yar said.

Jonglei Christian Vocational Boarding school is supported by Star Fish Foundation and is a Church based Organization in USA funded by Church of Christ and other well-wishers from other parts of USA and other parts of the world.

The school was built by star Fish Foundation and it’s operating the school financially.

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