Over 100 killed as Murle attacked lou nuer area

By Kidega Livingstone

The Lou Nuer Leadership in Juba and Diaspora confirmed that more than 100 people killed by well-armed  Murle youth .

They said houses were burn and many people injured  in the villages of Pieri,Guanchat,Goagok,Jokrial and parts of Thardiok and Tanganyang .

Speaking to Juba Monitor  on Tuesday, the Chairperson of Lou Nuer in Juba,JohnLukJok  said the number of  people killed and Injured could be more since the collection of exact data was still going on in the affected villages.

He described the attack as a “ big fight ” that entered deep  into several villages in the areas.

“Some of the information we got from the ground was about 160 people died . Still it is very difficult to get the right figure,”said Luk

“We formed a committee to come out with the right figure of those who were killed and those injured so that we can be able to know those  killed and wounded,”he added.

The Lou Nuer Council condemned the attack in strongest term, describing it the as barbaric act.

In a press release availed to Juba Monitor Lou Nuer Council Leadership said that Murle youth had consistently carried out attack against Lou Nuer community.

“This time the attackers were in military uniforms and using heavy machine guns .They were using advanced military tactic of warfare. We wonder how local and untrained people could use these advanced military tactics, “the statement read.

“We the Lou Nuer council call on the government,UNMISS and human rights agencies  to investigate  this incident since there have been allegations that some Murle politicians  were involved in mobilization of the attack, the said the statement.

Efforts to get comment from the Murle side proved futile since the known telephone numbers were not being answered. 

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