Over 100 herds of cattle dead after boats collided

By James Atem Kuir

At least 107 herds of cattle reported to have drowned in the Nile after a boat carrying 250 cows collided with another boat which was coming from Juba at around 5pm at Malual-chaat, an island a few kilometers South of Bor town.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone yesterday, the Secretary General of Jonglei Boats Union, Elijah Thongbor confirmed that the incident occurred over the weekend when a passenger boat coming from Juba hit and sank a loaded boat with cattle heading to Juba.

“Two boats collided at Malual-chaat on Saturday at 5pm. the boat carrying cattle was hit by a boat coming from Juba, 107 cows drowned,” he said.

Thongbor said no one from either boat died. However, the reports from the police authorities said at least three people were injured in the accident.

The police spokesperson in Jonglei State, Maj. Daniel Majak Tuor told Juba monitor that they have arrested the captains and Crew members of the two boats for further questioning.

“We have arrested the owners of two boats, and we have also sent our investigation team to the scene of the incident to gather facts about the accident. We are yet to establish the cause of the accident,” Tuor added.

Accidents involving passenger boats are frequent along the Juba-Bor Nile river passage, one fatal accident in which at least 10 people died occurred last year in an area close to Pariak village of Kolnyang payam.

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