Over 10 schools established by DMI in Juba

By:  Kidega Livingstone

The Daughters of Mary Immaculate (DMI) a community of religious sisters said they have built fifteen nursery and primary schools across Juba.

Sr. Jeny Maila, DMI Country coordinator said apart from building human capacity, the congregation was doing a lot of activities in the country.

Sr. Jeny was addressing the audience during a graduation ceremony at DMI St. Joseph Nursery and Primary School in Joppa on Sunday.

“We have constructed fifteen nursery and primary schools only in Juba. The Daughters of Mary Immaculate is not only dealing in education but also doing many programs that will change the lives of the people in this country,” Sr. Jeny said.

She reiterated that establishment of schools in all areas have greatly improved the lives of children and the communities.

Sr. Jeny urged parents to send their children to school so as they may have brighter future.

“It is a great achievement of teachers and Daughters of Mary Immaculate staff as well as parents to dedicate themselves to send their children in this school,” she said.

DMI country coordinator appealed for support from the community living around the school so that they would open secondary level.

“The community should understand how the development is taking place in their areas,” Sr. Jeny said.

Chairperson of Joppa Block VI Jully Elikana urged the women to encourage their children to go to school, describing education as one of the best tools to fight poverty.

“Some of us went to school because of good ideas from our mother. Our father was not having enough time to stay close to us all the times so encouraging children to study is very important,” Ms. Elikana said.

“These children are the next generation of this country and without the Daughters of Mary Immaculate the school would not be in this place. Why don’t we take the advantage?” she challenged the residents of Joppa.

Emmanuel Ladu, a resident of Joppa welcomed the initiative taken by the DMI, saying the establishment of school has reduced the burden of children seeking education in far distance.

“Now we have community school serving Joppa because of Daughters of Mary Immaculate. This is now the second graduation which is a very good achievement for this community and the people of South Sudan,” he said.

Among the schools constructed by DMI in Juba include DMI Rock City Nursery and Primary school, Mauna DMI Nursery and Primary school, Primary School, Mangateen DMI Nursery and Primary School, DMI St. Joseph Joppa, DMI Holy Cross Luri.

The congregation has also established child development program that involves establishment of   study Centers for slow learners. They also run education programme for internally displaced children in Jubek and Wau states.

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