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Over 10 people killed in communal fight in Rumbek

By Mabor Riak Magok

About ten people have been killed and twenty others wounded on Saturday during an intra-communal fighting in Lakes State.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, Moses Mading Chol, a resident in Lakes State said over 300 herds of cattle were raided during the fight.

“Communities of Rup and Panyar have lost eight people in the fighting, and nearly 300 herds of cattle were raided during the fighting but some have been rescued by the cattle owners,” Mading said.

However, Mading said the general situation in Lol-manyiel grazing areas was calmed and stable, but still there are some fears of another attack.

He said the fighting lasted for several hours of the night before the attackers were flashed out from the area.

Marial Dhiaodh, who is a community leader of Pakam community said five people were killed and one person injured from the attacking community.

 “There is no another fighting that I have heard of in Toch. I learned that all the youth have returned back and the total number of people killed is not clear but only five people were killed,” Marial said.

Attempt to contact the police spokesperson and state secretary general of the government in Rumbek for comment was futile.

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