Our Victory By Akol Arop Akol

Please, give me your attention
for I got something to mention
the idea of our decision
during our selection
was for separation
From the Northern direction
Because of segregation
and evil discrimination

We stood up from every direction
and we fought for liberation
Yes we got our emancipation
and we enjoyed great celebration
that’s a mighty victory
that will forever remain in History.


As we are the first generation
we shall make re-creation
by stopping any destruction
and invest advance construction


Now is time to turn back to our destination
Now is the time to say no for division
Now is time for unification
Now is the time to make transformation
By building the nation
And promoting education
Let’s make cooperation
Let’s make contribution
Towards our nation


We shall never remain the same
So we now need a change
By Stopping things that bring shame
Abolish corruption
Downturn tribalism
and Stop alcoholism
We need nationalism

Let’s think of what we can do as citizens.

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