Our tear-stained eyes are on November 12th

By Ngor Khot Garang

Something inside me has always been completely broken. I have endlessly searched for someone to ask why we are doing this to ourselves and our beautiful South Sudan.

We have had the taste of what we contributed together; many lives lost, buildings destroyed and millions displaced with nothing to eat and yet, we are still pressing the red button.

We have caused more innocent people undeserved suffering and it seems to some of us as if it wasn’t enough and we still remained vindictive towards one another.  Are we addicted to destruction or should we ask a foreigner why we point at our own heads weapons that we know will destroy us than we dare to think about?

This is not the country our fallen heroes fought for and I hope some of them are turning in their graves because they have built a roof over our heads for the orphans, widows and women to be safe from the hailstorms.

That roof is on the verge of collapse and on top of it we have drilled holes that are leaking with blood and the people who should have been protected; the widows, freedom fighters, disabled and the orphans are drenched in the blood with their clothes soaked with tears.

Is there anything to live for?  Or are we all prepared to burn this beautiful land to its core?

This is a do-or-die situation, this is the last moment, and it is either we give peace a chance or worse we perish together as fools.

Nobody is pained by our suffering and indeed none of these people pretending to be mediating peace has something far from peace that they want from us. We are the ones to decide the future of our country.

We need to rest this time, we need also to be happy in our land that has been ripped apart by war.  If seeing dead bodies was what we have been looking for because I understand that there are ruthless people who only become satisfied when they see people mourning over the death of their loved ones.

There is time to try peace and see its effect on the people of abandoned land. There are people among us who feel satisfied when they see peace spreading its wings.

These people also need to be given a chance to experience peace because if war is what we have been craving for, we have got it and it has left us in want.

The cemeteries are full and we don’t want to use the remaining land for burying people, it should be used for construction and agriculture.

Everyone is tired and we don’t want to die of bullets or famine anymore.

I have no power to augur the future of this country but I see no light at the end of a very long tunnel if we don’t stop being rebellious and work for the benefit of a common man.

No amount of prayer, fasting or magic will ever save this country if we don’t sow the seed of love in the hearts of every South Sudanese.

Every citizen learn from his or her leader and if the leader is good everyone is going to follow suit but if the leader thinks of himself alone, the citizens too will do the same and the country is then left to suffer alone.

I hope we have heard of Libya and if not we have watched on our television.

Libya happened to be one of the most successful and one of the peaceful places to live before 2011.

Life was simple and everyone was enjoying the natural resources in a peaceful atmosphere but when the world saw that Libya was getting better day by day, they decided to put a stop and the people of Libya.

The curse of being unpatriotic has now come back to haunt the people of Libya and they are now ironically crossing Mediterranean to seek asylum in Europe.

Will they escape suffering and death?  But if they had chosen to love their country.  Libya would have been a safe haven for some Africans escaping atrocities in their countries.

If we don’t turn the country around as South Sudanese this time, nobody will ever come to our rescue.

The writer is a high school student. He can be reached via Tell: 0925405723


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