Our problems

By Akol Arop Akol

Our people are so patient all times. No matter what they are facing, they still maintain hopes in their hearts. They can ignore minor issues. They are brave that mosquitos bite them at night because they have no nets yet they don’t buy mosquito nets maybe because they have no money or they undermine the mosquito.

But at the end, they fall sick of Malaria and when they go to Hospital, the treatment for the sickness costs thousand Pounds. They either try to pay or cry in pain.

It tells us that our people don’t solve small issues until they reach to a stage that they can’t bear anymore but only regret later and wish they had done something earlier.

Our problems always start in day-light and everyone sees but keeps quiet. Our problems are started by individuals or groups and instead of knowing the reasons for initializing certain things, their aims and interests, we likely participate and make complication.

Social Media in South Sudan is doing destructive part but we are not aware of it. We only see people carrying guns and rebelling as enemies but at least they have stood out to be seen.

But those hiding and turning Media into Hate Speech platform have done more than harm. Their messages are filled with hatred, jealousy, anger and division.

It seems like we are joking with life. It could be that destroyers are many than peace makers and country builders, that is why we can’t bring the wanted change. We see our suffering population but doing nothing quick to bring stability.

Are our problems bigger than us? Being the starters, we need to be the solvers. International community was not there when we began our conflicts, but now we put much faith in IGAD, UN and etc. to bring peace while countries like Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and Rome become like Churches we go and worship in. Can’t we ask God in our Churches here to bless South Sudan?

Are outsiders our only Saviors? They are just volunteering brothers and sisters helping us restore peace, but in other sense we need to know that every human may have his or her own interest, and when interest differs; it results into conflict.

Even at home, you might be having family issues whereby you become the problem solver, but if you don’t know the root cause, you cannot bring solution.

The conflicting individuals in the family or community have different rights and that requires you to be a wise decision-maker and problem solver.

Our problem was not started by all Political Parties but by one only. Conflict didn’t erupt in other States but firstly took place in Juba. Today, everyone has his or her own assumption, understanding and interpretation of the root cause of conflicts.

Many believe in different ways but in reality according to common beliefs,  the problem was “Interest” or ‘Misunderstanding’ within one party and when that problem ran out of hand,  it busted into serious conflicts for years and then resulted into unemployment,  Youth Crimes,  Violence,  Death and Displacement.

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