By Ngor Khot Garang [GUEST]

It cannot be denied that the reason why our South Sudanese pound is depreciating is that we don’t see the great value that it has and it is quite disappointing how we take our national currency. 

Some people don’t even know that the South Sudanese pound is as strong as the US dollar for the reason I cannot hesitate to disclose because I believe in the South Sudanese pound more than the US dollar. 

Money as a piece of paper knows nothing as it does not know how to communicate or feel the environment where it’s in.  But the value vested on it by the people makes it stronger or even weaker.

And that’s why the American dollar, which is not gold or silver, just a mere piece of paper with inscriptions like our South Sudanese pound, is stronger than other local currencies in any African country and in the rest of the world.

Why?,   I think nobody will beat this discernible truth,  it is because the American people have trusted and put much value on the American dollar to the extent that if one squeezes it, it loses its value.

This gives us a sense that we don’t love our South Sudanese pound and as a result, the pound is going to disappoint us for a good number of years if we as the people of South Sudan don’t change our attitude towards the dying South Sudanese pound.

Some years back between 2011, 2012 and even 2013. The South Sudanese pound was buoyant and it was able to stand its ground against the dollar as $100 used to go for SSP300 and there were high expectations that $100 could easily go with SSP100 if South Sudanese had engraved much value on the pound.

It is worth mentioning that the South Sudanese pound which has for nearly six years struggled single-handedly to regain its value from the US dollar is almost conceding defeat and many of us sooner or later who have already tasted the outcomes of financial woes would be left with million-dollar questions as to what will happen next.  

It is nearly four years since I last saw 1 South Sudanese pound and my greatest fear is the survival of 5, 10, and even 20 South Sudanese pounds because if 50 pound cannot buy a bottle of water,  where in the world will this little notes that are seldom seen in people’s hands survive?.

It is not easy to bear, two major crises at the same time are without question the reason why many South Sudanese don’t see any hope ahead.

One cannot solve one crisis and leave the other hanging in the balance but solving one takes a human being.

Several people as a result of this crisis cannot sleep at night and they don’t go through the day without shedding tears for their children.

Just take for instance, if you have children who need food and school fees but your salary is 3, 000. What do you think will come to your mind? Your world will look like it is falling apart when indeed it is falling apart.

We are people who have been asked to wait and we obediently did even when our eyes were filled with tears and we are still willing to wait even when the clouds of fear are falling apart.

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