Our land is our food basket

“All we need is to work hard and use it wisely,” says Koknyin

Certified Groundnut seeds

By David Mono Danga

Green Horizon has given farmers subscribed to its community commercial farmer project, certified seeds in Rumbek -Western Lakes state.

On return from the field, the Community Commercial Farming (CCF) project Finance Coordinator Daniel Chol Koknyin said South Sudan has a vast fertile land that the citizens can cultivate to empower themselves economically.

In an Interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, Mr. Koknyin said through the CCF program farmers in Wau, Gok and Western Lakes State, where the project is being pioneered, can benefit as Green Horizon gives them all the necessary requirements for the success of the program.

“Everything we want is here in the country. We have fertile soil, the Nile water and the manpower. All we need is to use it wisely because our land is our food basket. We just have to work hard to restore our lost glory,” Koknyin said.

He said Green Horizon Company is giving the necessary techniques of farming. He added that the project is all about trust and mutual understanding between the company and the farmers where the farmers sign a “seed for grand’ contracts.

“Green Horizon is giving the farmers quality seeds, technical guidance in land preparation and planting, seed spacing, logistical assistance as well as marketing their products if need be,” Koknyin said.

Koknyin said the CCF project in Rumbek is still using the same modality, ideology and process as in Wau and Gok states. He added that Green Horizon will expand the Community Commercial Farming (CCF) project to accommodate at least 3, 000 farmers by next year.

The CCF project is being undertaken in three states:

In Wau State CCF is being implemented in: Kangi, Udici, Marial Bai, Besselia, K. Paile and Baggari counties.

In Gok state: Cueibet Centre, Pagor or Watadol, Mayath /Joth Mayer, Malou-Pec and Tiat-Tiap/Anyar-nguan counties.

In Western Lakes: Rumbek Centre, Western Bar-Naam, Palouch, Among-Piny, Mayom and Malek counties.



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