Our hope will live forever

By Ngor Khot Garang

Few years ago elephants used to roam here, the cloud was always covered by rain not smoke, game parks from every part of South Sudan were frequently visited by the tourists coming from different countries in the western world, business was very welcoming, cases of child marriage were not as much as they are  today, roads leading to different regions of South Sudan were peaceful unless when it had rained heavily that is when it was hard to pass and two South Sudanese pound that we cannot see anymore today  was enough to send someone to bed with a full stomach.

Children were not seen wandering in streets and criminal cases were stories we hear from our neighboring countries and stories of death or people killed were seldom heard.

It makes me shiver to describe the condition of our country today, the holy book has several times warned us of the burning furnace (Hell) and most of us wonder if there is another Hell as it is said in the Bible fierier than our contemporary world.

Life is squeezing us to death. The market is not as busy with people as it used to be those days,  shrines are everywhere which was not there before and are frequently visited by people who have dropped hundred and eighty application letters looking for job and nothing worked,  and cemeteries are flourishing every day in the country.

It is not South Sudan if you cross the street and you do not come face-to-to face with sad-faced mourners singing somber hymns carrying their never-breathing loved one heading to a place that has become the most busiest place in the country and where people never comes back once they are taken (cemetery).

After these happenings, you will be surprised to find a young man going bald at the age of 25 and when you see a widow who eats hope for breakfast, lunch and supper, it would be insolent to say South Sudanese are not the strongest people.

We have always been strong in all aspects of life, we always forged smile to conceal the well of tears that lives in us, we believe in hope because it is the only asset we are left with.

Even in our darkest hour, we still believe that the best is yet to come even though it happened to come after us, our children will have or our grandchildren no matter how many times it will take will cuddle South Sudan that produces its own goods and manufactures its products.

Our thoughts varies, the way you see South Sudan is not the same way I see it. You might have seen someone killed two feet away from you and that incident is still raw and interlaced in your mind and with all that we have gone through as the people of South Sudan, it tells you that nothing will ever change or even things are getting out of hand.  But, as we are still breathing, our hope is not dead.  South Sudan is going to be more than the one we have always wanted.

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