Our hope is strengthened each day

By Ngor Khot Garang

When our eyes are filled with tears that we can’t see anything ahead of us, our hope still sees.  For people who are almost losing their hope would punish themselves with questions like: “God who art in Heaven, why must we suffer every day?” “Why have you made collecting our tears a chore?  Can’t you get tired? Can’t you be happy collecting tears of joy? How have we deserved this and what must we do to let it end?

Our strongest therapy since the war broke out and all was destroyed has always been hope and as things tighten and life gets harder we still gobble hope and sleep on it as our bed and you are still quiet.

Can’t you care or grant us our wishes and desires of our hearts even if of a needle side?

We carry wounds that widen every minute but we still hope that they will get healed even when there is no sign that anything would be effective in future because we are people of indistinguishable hope.

Many people do not have food to eat, thousands are sickly, kids are not in school and even worse with a good number of them on streets with barely any food to eat or clothes to wear.

But our faith and hope for a new dawn remained unshaken forever and ever.

It will surprise most of us to think how these people who are always on the street begging for what to eat managed to get through the day.

Some who are living lavish life will wonder how these people escape hunger or even death. But little did they know that these are the people who have been feeding on hope for a very long period of time without ever thinking of giving up.

We plot our death when we tried our best and nothing changed but hope would still clatter, telling us that we should not give up.

Even amidst desperation, when all eyes were full of tears and families were torn apart.  Hope stayed even when fleeing was all to behold.

We should not despair and it would be a great burden to our children if we give in at the last moment.  It is true nobody knows what will happen now or tomorrow.  But we have always endured the hardest challenges of life.

It is even known that South Sudanese are the strongest people when it comes to endurance. We make others laugh when we are even crying and fake smile on our ever sad faces. We can’t compare ourselves with the rest of the people in the world because if one of us gets knocked down by life, he will still find little courage and get himself back up.

We must keep hope burning knowing that the best is yet to come.

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