Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

The only topic of discussions these days everywhere and by everybody is the dreaded threat being posed by the Coronavirus which was born in China and has taken global attention by mass-death of innocent people who had nothing to do with this disease in the first place. I do not want to speculate over the rumours and theories being advanced by both experts and the know-it- all tongues in the chick. However, one person has come out to outline what the Coronavirus or COVID’19 has caused or created in people in simple message, the World Health Organization (WHO) had this to say. “Our greatest enemy is not the virus itself, its fear, rumours and stigma and our greatest assets are facts, reason and solidarity,” Tedros Adhanom Gebhreyesus – WHO Director General.” This l can consent to because it has become fear of the unknown about this disease. While the world health body is taking its cause and spearheading the fight against the coronavirus, I was on the verge of taking head-own our continental leaders who seem to have directed their attentions to individuals with support from their friends fight the virus. It is not in bad taste to do so but a global phenomenon or disasters are fought collectively with experts drawn across the border leading the onslaught. I was about to ask what African Union had done to bring together experts in the continent to lead the fight against this virus. In my world of thinking l thought Europe, Far East, the US, and the Middle East were doing what they needed to do collectively. I wanted to head to the AU offices to find out what was being done under their umbrella. I stopped in my track and asked my inner-self that who is the man heading WHO today and where he is from. I remembered that this able gentleman was from the continent, actually the Horn of Africa. Being so sure of this l took courage to go to AU to find out if the son of the continent had dangled some important goodies for the fight against coronavirus or COVID’19. Then my phone rang and a friend in the diplomatic mission as if reading my thought asked me if l had come across the deliberation of the AU which was held on last Friday under the chairmanship of Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa during the Bureau of the AU. This was all good news when they collectively asked for the establishment of million plus fund to fight the virus. My worry is that people are dying and coronavirus is spreading across the globe. Time was running out and only God can save the continent and the world if and when the monster of COVID’19 strikes. The continent has to move with speed than before to help bring to order the spread of the disease. I am convinced that the AU will come up with solutions. For the rest of the continent, the intended would be established fund should not be for other motives because Coronavirus is real and is killing without reservatio

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