Our God will always lift our burdens

By: Ngor Khot Garang

Our hearts easily break and we don’t have the power to control our tears. We want comfort and an easy life but that is a different story that none of us can explain.

Everything we touch disappoints and the commitments we make sometimes end in sorrows.

When we try new things with high hopes that it would produce what our hearts desire, it only makes us cry even more.

We tend to blame ourselves for the things we are incapable of doing and the pains that we go through.

When we try some other things, it gets even worse. The problems begins to increase. We get confused and living becomes a burden to many of us.

We all struggle with these feelings from time to time. We fear the suffering would never end and the pain would never stop.

In the pits: We wonder will this gray sky ever brighten? This load ever lighten? We might even be asking “Does God really care, does he exist”?

We may feel locked in inescapable trap and predestined for failure. Will we ever exit this pit?

These questions never miss our lips when life is tightening the ropes and nobody should be blamed if he or she feels that way because it is natural.   

But know that God’s plans for us are greater than those temporary setbacks.

You may find yourself in a hard situation through divorce, death of loved one, loss of health or financial constraints or whatever that may force you to start from scratch. But this one should not stop us from moving forward.

Who knows it might be the beginning of new life even in worst situations.  Even if you reach what you consider to be your lowest point.

It would be a great mistake that will for the rest of your life haunt you if you give up because of those challenges.

We must always remain strong and resolute even in the worst circumstances. There is nothing we can do than to dry the tears and move ahead.

Challenges have always been there and they are going to be there forever.  Some were overcame, others were handled and many ignored.

So, there is no need to cry when things aren’t going right.

I know sometimes those tears explain what you normally go through but it pays and it will surely pay if you wipe them and call God to lift your hand up.

Sometimes standing in the water with your feet as the waves crash around you, then lifting you up and then tossing you down with nobody to help you can be pretty heartbreaking and this leave us to think that God does not care about what we are going through which is one of the excuses I can’t and will never concur with.

God is not against you and going through pains and suffering does not mean you have done something wrong to him.

It could be a bend on the road to success and he would never reproach you for the things you have failed to accomplish as you walk through the ruins of our broken world.

He watches over us even in the days when we feel like there is no reason to live or to try again.

Whatever our fate maybe. We have to believe that everything would be alright at the end of the day. Everything that starts in the manner we do not like may end in a surprising way.

Everything, the problems, failures and all the difficulties are there for a reason and the giver and finisher of life knows when he would turn them into unbelievable successes.

Don’t trouble yourself that maybe the reason why things aren’t working out well, whether you were being born to poor family or whatever that might have happened during your birth.

If this is what is on your mind, you better think again because what I know is that your day is underway and it will surely come.

Believe it. You are not nobody perhaps somebody who did not know it yet. It matters what words have been spoken behind your back.  It doesn’t matter the curses induced against you.  You will win and you will forever do so.

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