Our diversity should be source of unity

Jay Dee


By Mandela Nelson Denis


The South Sudan’s diverse cultures should foster sustainable peace and unity among its citizens, said Jay Dee, an upcoming South Sudanese artist.

Jay Dee said his song; “South Sudan dance” is calling on all the 64 tribes to use their diversity to unite them for peace.

“Long ago our great parents used to sing and dancetogether; this has promotedspirit of togetherness, love and care amongthem,” he said.

He said people should move freely from one place to another to share and learn from one another saying that communal dances can connect the broken social fabric among people if the dance is encouraged.

The artist song “South Sudan dance” also praises different traditional dancing styles andencourages all the tribes to dance as one nation with culture of friendship like in the old days.

“We have lost the spirit of togetherness; this is something that we need to bring back through our different cultural dances, music and drama,” said Jay Dee.

Jay Dee is an upcoming dancehall artist who also advised talented youths to focus on education as it is the only way to a better life saying that before he joined music career, he has to ensurethat hecompleted his education first.

“My advice to the youth is thatthey musttake education seriously and other things can come later,” he said.



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