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With Odongo Odoyo

(Guest- Mamer Abraham)

I was jaunty yesterday when I read in the news that the Central Equatoria State Investment Corporationhad imported commodities into the country. According to the reports, the items which were imported included brown maize, maize flour, cooking oil, beans and Azam launched under the theme “Delivering Quality, and Accessible Product at Affordable Price.”

The aim of this was to reduce market costs within the state by selling the commodities cheaply.This is why I decided to make this write up to appreciateit because it paints a picture of a government which cares about the plight of the citizens. A levelheaded person will not blame the government much for not working hard towards stabilizing the economy.

This initiative geared towards reduction of the food prices is already a step in solving the economic situation which  seems to have paralyzed livelihood in the country.

But what has this to do with the future of the country? Will the Central Equatoria State Investment Corporation continue to import such items monthly to save the skyrocketing market prices or it will just end as a one time service? This is what everyone is curious to know.

If it is a one-time project, then nothing much will be saved but if it will be continued and stretched to all the corners of the country, there will be a hope that all will be well again, commodity prices will fall and life will go back to normal as it used to be. This does not need to end in Central Equatoria. It should be adopted in all the States and administrative areas in the country. There needs to be such Investment Corporation which buys items and brings them to the state and sell them cheaply. This will enable us enjoy living in this richly resourced nation and will surely attract South Sudanese living as refugees in foreign countries to return home.

My fear however, is that our people always call cheap things names because everyone has a heart of pretending to be rich when in reality, they lack a lot. This initiative might be given a name that would discourage citizens from buying these items. Let us not play around with life this time round because most of our citizens are really suffering and unable to raise even a penny to put food on the table.

We need to laud the Central Equatoria State Investment Corporation for this job well done. This is an initiative that needs to be copied by all the States of South Sudan until the floods recede. All the states and national governments shouldembark on farming when flood subsided in most parts of the country. This country’s economy will only be better if it depends on its locally produced foods.

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