Orphans learn Israeli technology


One of the orphans playing the drone as the rests watched (photo by Kidega Livingstone):

 By Kidega Livingstone

A number of children at Juba Orphanage Centre have learned new technology skills from Israel following the visit by the Israeli Ambassador to the Centre on Monday.

The children learnt how to pilot drones and how to make pieces of paper into a fly bird and spear. The skills can be developed in to technology.

Speaking to Juba Monitor one of the children, Phillip Soka 14 years old said the game interested him he wanted to become a pilot in the future.

He said as they are going to continue learning the skills from the Israel, they would be able to compete with other children in different schools in Juba.

“It was my first time to drive the machine. It is very easy to learn. I already have the interest of being a pilot in future because somebody told me that is how people are piloting like drone,” Soka said.

The 14 years old said that he will not forget what the Israeli embassy did to them by offering such training.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Ladu who is an expert in making spear using a piece of paper said he would continue learning in order to teach his friends in the orphanage center.

“I learnt making the spear in five minutes after one of the officers shown for us here. Now I am able to teach my friends on how to make the spear,” said Ladu.

The Director of the Center Mr. Angelo Kenyi welcomed the initiative by the Israeli embassy. Angelo said the Israeli Ambassador and his team have interested the children to learn more things that come from Israel.

“The drone that was given by the embassy we are going to make sure that it is managed very well in order for the other young ones who are coming to get it and learn it,” said Kenyi.

“I want to thank Israel for choosing the orphanage home and for visiting the children’s home. “The visitation has made them very happy,” he added.

However Ambassador, Annan Goder said he visited the orphanage because the people of Israel love children.

Ambassador Goder said in every society in the world, children are very important than anybody because they are the future generation.


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