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Organizers of peace concert appeal for support

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The organizers of the peace, unity and reconciliation concert are appealing for support in order to successfully organize the concert slated for the first week of December this year.

The peace, unity and reconciliation concert will take place in Juba at the National Football Stadium on Saturday the 2nd of December, having headline performances from Awilo Longomba and Dr. Jose Chameleon and featuring South Sudanese finest artists.

Chep Makur Duot, the Managing Director of Bossman told Juba Monitor newspaper that so far, they have been “knocking door to door” soliciting for support, but lamented that they got no response.

The event aims at bringing South Sudanese from all walks of life to come to one place no matter their difference to attend a concert for peace as one people, the organizers said.

“From day one, when we put the Billboards all over the city, no company or individual has come out to support us in this peace building activity that we are organising,” Chep said.

He further explained that the support they need is not only money, but moral support as well, and appreciation for the contribution of the youth to the nation building.

“Many will think we need money only, no we all know things are hard currently in the country, but we are appealing for any kind of support,” he added. “This would be accommodation for those who have hotels, support can come in kind as well,” Mr. Chep told Juba Monitor.

Since the eruption of the conflict in December 2015, many South Sudanese artists have been singing for peace. Several campaigns in the name of peace meant to end the conflict have been launched.

This time the peace and reconciliation concert will witness performance by popular regional artists to help find lasting solution to South Sudan’s conflict through music.



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