Organized forces warned to stop illegal logging

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Central Equatoria State Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Forestry has strongly warned organize forces and the entire citizens to stop illegal logging in the state.

Last week, two locals and a foreigner from Jambo and Son Company were arrested on suspicion of illegal logging in NimuleEastern Equatoria State and were expected to appear in court any time to face charges.

Speaking to the media yesterday, State Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Forestry Lilly Kapuki Jurkin said the illegal logging would not benefit the community as such, the practice had to be stopped.

“The State Ministry encourages the public to contact the government in case they want to engage in business of cutting trees saying the ministry would then give contract on approval. As a minister, we are going to be serious,” she said.

She added that the most affected area wereLokiliri, Kajo- Keji and other areas of Central Equatoria State ‘adding it was a serious violation of the forest protection laws, especially being done by a group from army, both SSPDFandSPLA-IO.

She revealed that the Ministry was not against logging but wanted the process to go through authorized system and called upon all stakeholders to cooperate and work together to protect the interest of the people.

“State Ministry is putting the measure to activate forest guard to monitor the illegal activities that would endanger the very existence of the forest” the minister said.

In-country, illegal logging has become a chronic problem mostly near the border with Uganda, in heavily wooded areas where there are no roads or security personnel to enforce the law

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