Organizations raise alarm over Job scam

By Atimaku Joan

The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)raised an alarm yesterday over job scam in the country.

In a statement extended to Juba Monitor, FAO revealed that the scam was crafted and shared on different social media platforms in form of a job advert that looked like it originated from FAO and it required candidates to send their applications to a private email address.

“Fraudulent messages shared on Facebook and other platforms claim that FAO is advertising jobs in South Sudan and it is calling for candidates to send their applications to a private email address, the scam is crafted so that it is made to look like it originates from FAO,”read the document.

The company stressed that the advert was fake and it might seek to extract money or personal details from the recipients.

FAO disassociated itself from the activities and warned the public of such deceitful schemes soliciting applications for internships or employment on behalf of FAO or FAO Officials.

The organization strongly recommended that the prospective applicants and recipients should carefully verify the reality of solicitations and offers before sending any response.

The company also advised the public to disregard any electronic communications if not sent from FAO e-mail account – – or website –

FAO invited candidates interested to work in South Sudan and abroad to check the current vacancies and employment opportunities on the only legitimate FAO employment website accessible at URL:

The organization revealed that no charges were applied at any stage of the recruitment whether at the application, interview, processing or training stage,therefore, there was no need to know anyone’s information relating to the bank account details of applicants.

The company stated that any request deviating from standard practices should be rejected and suspicious communications allegedly from, for or on behalf of the FAO should be reported to FAO at the following email address

They added that any fraudulent schemes might also be reported to the local law enforcement authorities within the country for appropriate action.

The Executive Director of the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization Edmund Yakani earlier expressed his concern and warned the public to take precautions from job scammers, mostly from the Middle East and Golf countries.

He stated that it was because the jobs offered abroad might not be as simple as the information tended to be, but it might rather expose youths to sexual and labour exploitation.

“I want to stress that now in Juba, we are witnessing some companies registering young people to get job opportunities but my worry is that these registrations may not be for the exact jobs and others may force some to smuggling once you reach where they have taken you,” said Yakani.

He said that South Sudan had already case studies in the neighbouring East African countries like Uganda and Kenya and how the companies had caused troubles for the young people who fell victims to their offers both males and females.

He also urged the government to investigate such companies coming up in the names of job offers in South Sudan.

However, he said there were many companies that had emerged in the country and they were registering people to go and work abroad.

“It’s not clear weather the government is aware about those companies,” Yakani said.

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