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Organizations decry discriminatory funding by donors

By Yiep Joseph

Civil Society Organizations expressed their concern over discriminatory funding by some donors in the country.

This came up during the two-day workshop meant for the dissemination of Civil Society OrganizationsSustainable Index report for 2020.

The report revealed that the financial viability for Civil Society Organizations remainedimpeded as per 2020characterized by a lot of challenges pertaining funding and the impact of Covid-19 outbreak in 2020.

“Corruption, bribery, kickbacks, nepotism and tribalism were reported by Civil Society Organizations to increase as their staff struggled to secure new employment or obtain grants during the pandemic,” part of the report read.

In an interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, Putia Moses, the CEPO Project Officer revealed that the aims of the report were to assess the Civic space for South Sudan and how it could be improved.

“Pertaining financial viability there are a lot of challenges ranging from discriminatory kind of funding by some donors and corruption regarding funding by some individuals in some Organizations, some donors only give funds to those companies or organizations of their choice base on whom they know and denied others from getting funds,” Putia complained.

“If the civic space is impeded as determined by most of the aspect and dimensions then there is need for us to work hard to improve it,” he added.

Zainab Osman Saeed, the Executive Director for Women and Youth Empowerment Initiative (WAYEI) blamed donors for neglecting small organizations during the process of funding.

“Regarding funding for organizations like us, you find that the donors are sometimes bias.The give funding to the organizations they know, but small organizations are always overlooked, small organizations some time has more services to do at the grassroot compare to big organizations that only operate in the city,” she complained.

“As small organization we work even at Payam and Boma level and I urged the donor community and the embassies to look into small upcoming organizations that are working with the people of South Sudan not just the people in the capital,” she added.

She revealed that people living at the grassroot needed enough services and awareness citing that many organizations do not reach them.

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