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Organization urges men to join struggle for gender equality

By Atimaku Joan

All men within the country have been urged to by Smile Again Africa Development Organization (SAADO) to join in the champions for the struggle of gender Equality.

In a document extended to Juba Monitor yesterday stated that, the movenment for gender equality has historically been a struggle for women and by women as effortsm continued to be largely responsible for progress towards the programme.

The document affirmed that the efforst for women by women to be true and vital despite two critical facts that gender inequality is an issue that affects all people socially as well as economically.

Engaging powerful men to step up beside women to take action on gender inequality presented an untapped opportunity as leaders, particularly the government, private and civil society sectors that hold substantial power to accelerate change are prodominately men.

It also stated that, Gender Based Violence (GBV) is deeply entranced in the country where women and girls continued to be at high risk in both public and private sector by manifesting through physical and sexual violence and overall lack of equal opportunities for women and girls to lead a fullfilling life.

Therefore SAADO would be conducting male enggement activities to establish male champions that would be chosen by communities and self appointed to contribute putting the GBV to an end.

The male champions would be provided with the knowledge and skills necessary to hold transformational conversations about ending GBV and child marriage including rights, communication, and advocacy.

 However, the male champions would be recognized by active advocate and use of power for both men and women to be part of the fight for gender equality and equity, and call out stereotypes and implicit bias as they “talk the talk and walk the walk” on gender parity.

The training would strongly advocate for programs and  forums to develop women as leaders, enhance their visibility among top leadership and actively push for women’s advancement. They believed that what is good for women would be good for men.

It was to create an awareness to the general public that there were cultural barriers that hinders the progress in gender equality.

The men who believed that women’s advancement should engage in all the practices so that women should be systematically and actively included in positions of empowerment.

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