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Organization pledges startup capital to women group

By Yiep Joseph

Woman Foundation for Humanity Organization pledged to initiate business startup capital for about 30 women from Juba Nabari West residential area as a move to encourage them to start small scale businesses.

The development came during a one-day training meant to equip women with skills pertaining savings in small scale businesses. The participants were trained on how to do small scale businesses and save money to expand their businesses.

In an interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, Dorothy Ambrose Drabuga, the Executive Director for Women Foundation for Humanity promised to provide some small startup capital to the participants in time to come asa help for women to start small scale businesses and for those who already had business to inject more items into their businesses.

“We are teaching you how to do savings and after this, we shall give you startup capital in form of small amount of money for you to start your small businesses,” Dorothy said.

She added that she would often come to supervise on how women used the money and how they deal with savings 

“I will give you the money when the training is done in the four areas where we are training women, but do not forget I will be supervising whether you do savings or not,” she cautioned.

However, the Executive Director for Women Foundation for Humanity Organization did not reveal the exact amount to be given to each participant.

she added that her Organization with support from Greater Equatoria Land Alliance and the help of theDonor Norwegian Peoples’ Aids (NPA) was ready to empower women to carryout businesses to help their families.

Dorothy also urged the women to select one person among themselves who was the most vulnerable with unregistered land citing that the organization would register a land for such a person.

Cicilia Idris Olwar, the chairperson for Juba Nabari West Residential area appreciated the Organization for the help and requested them to conduct more trainings for women in order to equip them with business skills.

“we need organizations to do more trainings for us in order to get more skills to do our own businesses and save money to help ourselves and our families,” Idris said.

She called on the women to participate in business and in politic adding that women have the ability to do everything men did.

Rita Charles Lado mentioned that she hadgained some methods of saving money from the training.

“I have learned how to spend money carefully and save half of the money in order to keep my business alive” Charles said.

Flora Oliver Mogga reaffirmed that the training would bring change among participants regarding savings and how to do small scale businesses.

She called on the government to support programs regarding women empowerment.

“I need our government to support us to grow, many of usshoulderresponsibilities at home, most of us take care of huge families and we need to be empowered by our government,” she appealed.

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