If the proposed order or directive by the police will work then there would be some sanity on the roads, particularly, those being used by heavy tracks. Their continued floating traffic rules have been an eyesore to motorists and the general public. No order or civility from many heavy truck drivers who compete for the few existing access that are normally used by trucks and pedestrians. The order that trucks should start their move after 9pm in Juba town will indeed ease the jam which had become part of the in and outlets that serves the public.At times the way the trucks are driven on the main roads and even in the suburbs within the jurisdiction of the city leaves a lot to be desired. Total control is needed and both loaded and empty heavy trucks should be driven with drivers fully understanding that there are other human beings who were sharing the road with them. Traffic officers should not be lenient to those caught violating the laws. Right now, the main in and outlets to the East  African region, the main Juba-Nimule highway is in total shambles and whoever was repairing it seems to have gone low and is not doing the work as required leaving motor vehicles going at snail pace to avoid accidents. The worst area ever noted is the main Juba Bridge commonly known as Kubri where motorists detest to go through in the morning and evening because of the current jam created by the heavy commercial trucks and motoristswho take themselves to be the first class meant to go through while blocking the out and in paths from both sides. Trucks should remain moving at night according to the new order even if the damaged section of the bridge being repaired now is completed and until the newFreedom Bridge become ready for vehicles to use.

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