ORDER gov’t closes shops selling non-food items

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The government has issued a new order shutting down all shops selling non-food items and luxurious goods with immediate effect due to the coronavirus.

The order issued on Saturday by the High Level Taskforce on Coronavirus (COVID-19) only permits shops selling food items and other essential lifesaving items like medicine and fuel to operate partially.

South Sudan is among the Eight African countries that have not reported any coronavirus.

Dr. Makur Matur Kariom, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, also the spokesperson of the Taskforce stated the newly decided measures would help safeguard the people’s lives from contacting the virus.

“Non-essential items (goods) like phones, electronics, clothes, beauties shops, and hawkers business are banned and the relative authorities are directed to take immediate measures to close down these shops strictly,” he stated.

Shops that specialize in selling food items, medicines and other essential stuff would be allowed to continue to work for the period of one month, Matur added.

He further mentioned that the hawkers have been asked to stop operating during this period.

Dr. Matur said anybody who would resist the orders would be dealt with accordingly.

“The relevant authorities, the police, the national security, army and Juba city council including all other city councils in the country are told to use any necessary means to enforce the order immediately and ensure that these facilities are closed down,” he said.

The health professional also warned residents from defying the orders, revealing that there were observations of lawlessness after the past orders.

He noted that people have continued to roam in groups at tea points, restaurants and night clubs despite the previous order shutting down such joints.

“For the last orders the taskforce observed that tea places, bars, clubs including the clubs in the open sky, under the trees and in the market are still operating. Dominoes, cards points,” Dr. Kariom stated.

He warned that non-compliance to such orders would be punished by the law accordingly.

The 7th High Level meeting was focusing on the reorganizations of markets and public transport systems among others as the government was putting stick measures to prevent the virus from entering the country.

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