Order and trust must prevail

By Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

Last week, a situation caught me unaware. So, damaging and disuniting as it was, I wondered when truly, one party or people in this country would one day arrive at one thing without, disagreement or more so injustice.

From inside South Sudan Opposition Alliance, comes this situation. One group opposes the appointment of Denay Chagor as governor of Jonglei state while the other endorses it. This, is however normal, but invites more questions from the public. What must be the reason for the disagreement? And why is SSOA unable to resolve its own issues? Remember, SSOA is an umbrella of political parties, and there must also be a set of guiding principles for the alliance, and if so, why are the laws never helping in this situation?

“According to Denay Chagor US passport, he was born in 1990, so he is 10 years short of what the constitution stipulates. The standing law does not allow someone below 40 years to be a governor,” the statement from one group reads.

“A meeting was called and this meeting was attended by six leaders, their representatives and in that meeting, it was resolved, and the nomination of Denay Chagor was endorsed,’’ the other group’s statement reads.

In the two statements, each group claims it is right to act its act. However, we have to admit that, in this life, two opposing groups, can never be all right. Certainly, one group, must always be on a wrong side such that, the law,” right and wrong can never be together,’’ is obeyed and unviolated. So, let us now dig deep in to the truth, but remember among the two, one group must be wrong while right opposes it.

Simply, from what I read in this same Newspaper, my mind tells me, it is a battle of law, or so constitution versus democracy. This is what I have taken of, from the two statements. For the academia, I am yet, they know more about these two things……constitution and democracy. They may, with clear knowledge and understanding, make us understand the relationship or the otherwise, between them. However, let me tell you, what my understanding, takes as true of these two terms. Democracy, gives birth to the law, I believe. On this basis, popular view, becomes a law if need be.

But there is this, controversial phenomenon, in the South Sudan Opposition Alliance…there is already a state law regulating the age of who serves as a governor and there are people (democratically more) saying that the governor should come out of what the law requires. Denay Chagor, though below the age of 40 years, should be the governor of Jonglei state, they say. Their say, though right, is in my view, unorderly and disuniting, why? In this life, every action, requires a process. If never going by the law just as one group in the SSOA claims, it is good following the processes of changing it before doing against it. Doing against it without, right procedural approaches, more so, amendment, becomes a cause of another problem just like division in the SSOA. Law is brought for one good reason or another, and should one thinks it is bad, he must prove in one, two or more ways…he must convince people on the badness of such a law such that, with one voice, a change in the law is made. Now, there is no trust that the more people who endorsed the appointment of governor, are for genuine reasons, against the law. Bribery and other self-interests, many people will believe.

How does trust come? I will tell you. Through transparency, and a show that first, you are for others’ interests, and never yours, people begin to have a feeling that you suit a public duty. And if for sure, one wants to bring another for a public duty, such as governorship, they must prove to people why the person is fit for the position.

We have to admit that what is happening in SSOA is no new, and everywhere, everysector and in everycommunity, it is happening. Who can deny that, everycommunity, has one, two or three individuals, who claim to have,’’ chance in a million?’’. Power to appoint people through the president, they claim to have, and for sure, they have. We have seen it many times. Sad is the fact that, everyone is fighting to have this chance instead, of fighting against it. The voice we now hear as civil population, is from the disadvantaged one, and the moment they get one, they join the silence.

Our appeal is that, it should be the system or constitution, which must always deny people power to serve and not, individuals. Order and trust must prevail.

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