A repair on the section of the road toward the Juba International Airport (JIA) near Crown Hotel, which is in a deplorable situation, is being carried out.

It has already been closed to motorists and is expected to take 90 days.

This could have been good news to residents and road users if the past yesteryear memories are not so fresh in the sense that millions had just been spent not long time ago to repair this particular section.

It looks just like yesterday. But let this be. There must be hope that with this new repair, the road will remain to serve its purposes and not wear out so quickly after so much revenue belonging to the public has been committed and used for the same purpose.

What is expected is a good quality work which will stand the test of time and hopefully the contractor this time will meet the required public obligation and properly account for repair-work with guarantee of a period of time of the test moment?

The government under the leadership of President Salva Kiir has put emphasis on good work and accountability where the public resources are concerned. This should also be demonstrated and reciprocated by those privileged to get public contracts to ensure they use the moment to justify their work and service delivery to the public.

Since this road is leading to one of the country major in and outlet point of the airspace, it should be made to reduce the morning and evening traffic jam, which is becoming common at this section.

Let there be order and discipline in the administration of public funds when it comes to service delivery.

It is the only way to help government move forward and gain public confidence.


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