Optimistic of peace despite outstanding issues

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Despite the pending issues such as the security arrangement and the number of states, the First Vice President Taban Deng Gai said peace is the only option for the country.

Addressing delegates at the 3rd edition of the Oil and Power conference in Juba, Taban revealed that the government is left with some few outstanding issues to discuss that would pave way to peaceful country.

 “The best option is peace so that we can move this country, we have some difficulties in the areas of the security arrangement, the number of states and we are discussing them and we hope we shall agree comes 12th November 2019,” said Taban.

He emphasized that the country is moving toward peace and stability.

In his address, Taban also cautioned oil and energy companies operating in the country against their role and responsibilities.

 “What are you doing to those communities you are operating in; I urge you to do something for those people and why we don’t have electricity in the oil fields”, Taban said.

The special Kenyan envoy to South Sudan Kalonzo Musyoka said his country is committed to helping South Sudan have peace for quick development.

“Without durable peace, sustainable development cannot be realized and I congratulate the parties to the peace agreement, I know that there are many challenges, I urge the government to secure the future of the country. We will always stand by you through thick and thin,” said Kalonzo.

Steven urged the government to lead the people of South Sudan to the formation of the transitional government.

“We are trying to encourage the government of South Sudan as it nears the formation of the new government,” Kalonzo said.

The 3rd edition of Oil and Power conference attracted several players in the oil and gas sector across the globe.

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