Oppositions hopeful to agree with gov’t

By Kitab a Unango

Members of Revolutionary Movement, a coalition of armed and non-armed movement have expressed optimism of reaching agreement with Sudan government in the current ongoing negotiations.

Altom Hajo, Speaker of Revolutionary Movement told reporters yesterday that despite divisions among opposition groups, there was possible likelihood of signing peace to end the Sudan protracted conflict.

“Despite division of oppositions from movement to movement and region to region, I am sure that we will reach the agreement,” Hajo said.

Talks between the Sudanese interim government and oppositions began on Thursday this week under supervision and mediation of President Salva Kiir Mayardit in capital Juba.

The negotiation is expected to continue for the next three months till December according to September signed Juba Declaration of principle, which has paved ways for the ongoing negotiation.

Several attempts by both international and regional bodies including African Union, Inter-governmental Authority on Development could not reach the deal.

Abdel Aziz Alhilu, Chairperson of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army North, while speaking during the opening session of the negotiation on Thursday said these efforts failed due to the complexity of conflict.

“We in the SPLM/A-N believe that the failure was due to the complicated nature of the conflict on one hand and the insistence of the subsequent Khartoum government within and security problem on the other hand while the conflict is basically political,” Alhilu said.

Hajo said the talks would definitely yield positive result because it aims at addressing the root causes of the conflict as well as political and economic situation of Sudan.

“This negotiation is different from all the previous efforts because it aims at addressing the root causes of the conflict, economic and political situation in the Sudan,” Hajo said.

There are over nine different oppositions groups from different regions of Sudan including in the Northern movements, Eastern, Darfur and Jebel al Nuba movement taking part in the negotiation.

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