Opposition delays reconstitution of Parliament

By Nema Juma

The Press Secretary in the office of the President has said the office of the president hasn’t received any list of members nominated for the parliamentarian’s seats by the political parties.

However, the president cannot dissolve and reconstitute the parliament when he has not seen the lists of the nominated parties’ members.

 In an exclusive interview with Juba monitor, the Press Secretary, Ateny Wek Ateny said the issue of the parliament is not a big problem because it is a matter of reconstitution.

“You know the same parliament that we have which has four hundred members is to be reconstituted to comprise of five hundred fifty members, the government has already three hundred and thirty members (330), and it will be reconstituted by the President Salva Kiir,” Ateny said.

He stated that those three hundred, thirty members some of them are remnant of 2010 election, 171 where elected in the constituencies of Southern Sudan by then and 99 where elected to represent Southern Sudan consituencies in the then Sudan National parliament Khartoum which brings the total to 270.

He added that the 60 members of the parliament where the percentage of the President he added, so unless otherwise those who were elected in 2010 may come back to the reconstituted parliament or else some of them.

Meanwhile he said there are few individuals who have deserted the military training centers due to the circumstances that are not shared, they should go back soon and very soon they will be graduated.

Despite the support from China, Japan and other countries the Press Secretary said there are challenges that the government is facing like the economic, COVID-19 pandemic and others.

“You know this peace agreement is not funded by the international community which is not good thing, all peace agreement worldwide are subjected to sponsorship by the international community so that the process of implementing the agreement is expedited, but when it is only left to the government of South Sudan which is also struggling economically to be the one implementing, that is why there is slow phase in the implementation,” he stated.

He requested the people of South Sudan to be patient, resilient and state first thinking.

Ateny called upon those involved in the inter-communal fighting to stop fighting, “those who are hitting themselves for fighting for no reason must stop it, and they should act as South Sudanese.

“Citizen have responsibilities and duties and rights that cannot over way, because a good citizens is someone who oversee his rights as much as he observes, the people of this country must accept themselves because without accepting themselves the country we have here will not be enough for us if we don’t accept our selves, but if we accept our selves the country will be enough for us,” he added.

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