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Gabriel Changson Chang (File photo)

By: Jale Richard

Factions of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) have reunited, putting behind their division over power struggle.

In a press statement released on June 2, the leaders of the SSOA, Gabriel Changson Chang and Denay Chagor said they have reunited under the leadership of Denay Jock Chagor who was elected to replace late General Peter Gatdet.

The SSOA agreed on rotational leadership of six months starting with SSUM led by Denay Chagor. The FDP movement led by Gabriel Changson Chang will take over for another six months.

The group reiterated its commitment to the implementation of the peace agreement signed in September last year.

Last week, Leaders of the SSOA denied relinquishing their positions to Josephine Lagu the Chairperson of People’s Democratic Movement.

Gabriel Changson said he has not resigned from the Alliance, adding that Josephine was appointed chair of international dialogue.

The alliance, which comprises of nine opposition entities, was divided over leadership. In November 2018, two organizations supported the election of late General Peter Gatdet for the chairmanship of the alliance but the interim leader Gabriel Changson refused to accept the result of the vote.

Both groups of Gabriel Changson and the other led by Denay Changor, chairperson of South Sudan United Movement (SSUM) claimed the leadership.

However, Changson had said that members of the Alliance have agreed to resolve the matter through efforts made by the South Sudan Council of Churches.

“We have agreed to resolve the contentious issues and unite SSOA. We all have agreed that leadership of SSOA must reconcile,” Changson stated.

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