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OPP rejects appointment of eight members to State Assembly

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

A group within the Other Political Party (OPP) led by Kornelio Kon Ngu has rejected the eight members decreed in by President Salva Kiir on Monday into State Legislative Assembly.

Mr. Ngu said the chairperson and the secretary are outside the Country as such they don’t know who submitted the list of those members who were appointed by the president.

In a statement seen by Juba Monitor, the Leader of OPP, Ngu mentioned that The list that was announced on Monday doesn’t represent all OPP parties and that it entails serious intention of forgery for the will and the names of the parties to OPP.

“Most of the members announced are not members of the parties, example national alliance has not participated in the process and its name appeared again, some members which they do not know, in the same way, ANC was mention in CES assembly but it was not part of the process and appointed members is not known to the same,

“The High-Level committee is headed by the Presidential Adviser on National Security, Tut Gatluak Maneme, and the secretary Dr. Martin Elia Lomoro, the Minister of Cabinet Affairs who will present it to the President for appointment hence, it’s not clear to OPP who summited the announced list to the president for an appointment at the time committee chair and the secretary was not in the country,” Ngu said in a statement.

Meanwhile, he added that the OPP leaders did not agree to submit one unified list for the appointment of their representation in the State Assembly up to now.

“The OPP leaders were still discussing the proposal of dividing the allocated 8 seats in each State Assembly to the six signatories of OPP {National Alliancetwo (2) seats, Umbrellatwo (2) seat, ANC one (1) seat, USAP one (1) seat and UDP one (1) seat) this was not yet exhausted by the OPP parties especially when the proposal was rejected by Umbrella,” part of the statement added.

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