Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

Other People’s Political Party (OPP)must come out and put their house in order. They are at war with themselves all the time and every time which is not healthy for the political goodwill for the country.They have been in the news not good one but negative far too long that it took peace partners and President Salva Kiir himself to intervene and bring them together for the sake of unity and peace in the country. Why is it that OPP is the only outfit in the signatory to peace agreement that is having issue after issue? A number of them are not satisfied with what they have been given and would want to prolong their differences just to make their voices heard. Timehas come that OPP must come out of the cocoon and live with people whom they purport to be representing. The peace which is taking shape has taken time to nurture and bring to stay with the efforts of a number of key players and the citizens. Right now, five parties out of the original six are up in arms against one another with accusations and counter-accusations of short-changing. Their public bickering is not doing the peace process any good. Up to now, it is only OPP whose legislators have not been sworn in. They need to give the country a break and toe the line of peace for all. The party in disagreement should not hold others at ransom and should ensure peace prevails for the good of socio-economic development. The past hardcore or stand that dominated the political arena in the past should be forgotten and a new chapter put in place. Accusing a senior cabinet minister for being behind their woe will not solve anything a notch but they have to go back to their drawing table and find out the actual cause of their inner problems. Otherwise, they will end up accusing almost everybody, some who might not even know what they are fighting for. As a political party and the would be members of the august house, those of OPP must understand that the interests of the general public surpasses their own. Let them be sober and discuss and solve issues like gentlemen and ladies without name calling and running to this or that in the name of seeking solution. They are all grown-up and people with their own respect who can stand or sit together to bring national issues in their party to amicable end. It is the only way we can all bring sobriety and understanding among ourselves be it in whichever position in society, one is in. One of the parties in OPP has taken the advice and accepted the decision to take home its slot, the rest should follow suit and there is dissatisfaction they should be able to arrest it and address it under brotherly and sisterly atmosphere. This is the spirit of developing a nation.

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